What You Need To Know About Choosing The Right Type of Coffee for Enema Cleansing

Are you wondering what is the best enemas to take for cleansing? . Most holistic wellness experts would tell you that nothing beats taking a coffee enema. You may have already heard of its’ many benefits from weight loss and constipation relief to alternative cancer treatment.

Of course, one question remains — what kind of coffee should you use for the treatment? It is a good question when coffee plays an all-important role in the treatment. If you are looking for the best kind of coffee to use for your next enema session, here is a fast rundown of coffee blends that you would do well to keep in mind before you buy a home enema kit and supplies online.

Your options in coffee enemas

The kind of coffee to utilise throughout an enema will depend on the need or results that you want to achieve. For instance, there is a specific kind of coffee version that is ideal entirely for weight-loss. There are likewise particular coffee blends that can just be used by cancer clients to induce detox.

Although coffee blend requirements differ, the effect of coffee on the liver is the same. Caffeine and palmitic acid in coffee beans promote the body to produce high levels of glutathione S-transferase- an enzyme that triggers the liver’s natural detox functions.

Can I utilise regular coffee for enema?

Ideally, you have to use organic coffee to induce natural detox. Also, it is counterproductive to depend upon regular coffee blends filled with chemicals and damaging pesticides to release contaminants and wastes.

You would do well to use only the following:

  • Dark roast coffee — are perfect for weight-loss. If you remain in health and are aiming to lose a significant amount of weight, experts suggest using dark roast coffee beans as they assist in detoxing and more efficient removal of waste products from the colon.

  • Light roast Gerson coffee beans — possess higher concentrations of caffeine and palmitic acid. It provides maximum detox effects as the liver is promoted to produce more glutathione S-transferase.


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